The 2019 Liberty Camp was a huge success.  Thanks to all those who participated.  All the reenactors, support team, teen patriots, and the children that took part.   

Take a look at the video to find out more about Liberty Camp and all the fun we had. 

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Liberty Camp Geauga is a week-long day camp designed to teach elementary-aged children the history of the founding of America in a fun, memorable, and participative approach. History will come alive as it is re-enacted allowing campers to experience life as a Colonist in the late 1700’s. They will learn WHO the men and women visionaries were that played key roles in forging our new country, WHY the colonists wanted independence from the oppressive British rule under King George III, WHEN the appointed time came for this, WHERE the War for Independence was fought, and WHAT form of government would be established in God’s name. The cost of freedom will become real as the story of the battles is told and hardships experienced. Founding Fathers, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Patrick Henry will explain the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights of our Great Republic.

The 18th century will be experienced in all events of the day – from the 200-year-old games they’ll play, to the colonial type snacks they’ll eat, to the hands-on crafts of the times. Campers will be grouped with children of similar age and will rotate stations geared toward the life and experiences of the American Colonist. The leaders present information in an entertaining and interactive way so that the campers experience history rather than memorize history. They will enjoy learning about what makes America exceptional and they will retain what they learn. Teen volunteers (13-18) serve as Teen Patriots performing a variety of duties to assist Group Leaders, helping out at the Stations, keeping the “troops” marching along to the day’s particular candace, and playing roles as needed. Camp comes to an end at 1pm on Friday with a closing ceremony and celebration.

We are hosting a fund raiser at GOFUNDME.   Please select this link  or the photo below and help us to get the Liberty Camp off to a great start by donating and sharing this link with others.   Thanks in advance for your support.