Teen Patriot Registration for 2018
Now Open!


Teen Patriots – While our Liberty Camp is a wonderful experience for the elementary campers, we are fortunate to have some young adults, age 13 (8th Grade) and up, who would like to help with our camp. Teen Patriots will act in plays, prepare the ship for the Boston Tea Party, help our little soldiers prepare to travel across the icy waters of the Delaware with George Washington, or ready the quills and ink for the signing of the Declaration.

If you are applying to be a Teen Patriot, please note your preferences of assignment. We also need help with escorting groups and doing the behind the scenes work of readying the stations or assisting in areas when the need arises.

There is a $20 application fee to cover the cost of snacks and T-shirt for those who are helping with Liberty Camp


Thank you for taking the first step to apply for our Teen Patriot program. It will be important that you follow each of the following steps.

You may download the application and print the form, complete the application and mail it with your check for $20.00 (which covers the cost of your camp T-Shirt), made out to GUARDIANS OF LIBERTY.

When your application and fee have been received, we will contact you to give you your assignment, and let you know when meetings are scheduled to prepare you for your role at Liberty Camp Geauga. If you have a preference, please indicate it on your application. We will make every effort to meet requests.

All application forms, releases, and checks must be mailed to:

ATTN: Registrations
P O Box 250
Russell, OH 44072

All application forms, releases, and payments must be received by Monday, July 2nd, 2018